My story

Hello, I'm Anne-Laure!

The story of my brand begins several years ago.

A great passion for jewellery, I had the chance to work in major recognized jewelery houses such as Cartier and Mauboussin during my studies.

My core business being digital marketing and luxury, I indeed obtained my Master's degree in 2019, then worked in companies as a Communications Officer.

I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I challenged myself to create my brand, a brand that looks like me. Jewelry that we wear every day, trends, and at affordable prices.

You will then tell me, why "Madam Goddess"?

The name simply comes from my last name "De Santis" abbreviated as "DS" on most of my social networks. A lot of people were referring to it, and I wanted to play with this "Goddess" pun by associating some names of my jewelry with Goddesses from ancient civilizations.

With my brand, I also want to send a strong message to all women: be proud of who you are, don't be afraid to express yourself through your natural beauty and your body.

Live your life like a GODDESS.


In my collections, you will find jewelry ranging from vintage to minimalist, with quality materials and above all at affordable prices.

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